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Where are the head office and local units of Schlegel International?

The HQ is located at Giesse S.p.A. in Budrio (Bologna), Italy. Please see the Contact section on our website for our local units. The assigned unit per country can refer you the responsible Sales Manager or a local agent.

Who can I contact at the head office for information or requests?

Administration: Fatture_fornitori@schlegel.com - Ph. +39-051-8850500

IT: info.it@schlegel.com - Ph. +39-051-8850000

Marketing: communications@schlegel.com - Ph. +39-051-8850000

Sales: info.it@schlegel.com - Ph. +39-051-8850000

Technical Service (hardware systems): infotechgiesse@schlegel.com - Ph. +39-051-8850651

Technical Service (sealing systems): techsupport@schlegel.com

General and other: info.it@schlegel.com - Ph. +39-051-8850000


In which exhibitions are you going to show your solutions?

M Sora Expo

How can professional customers buy directly?

Via Customer Service at one of our units, via a local distributor or through our  Online Store (please see this link). User and password are available via our Customer Service.

Can private consumers buy directly in a store or webshop?

Unfortunately not directly. We sell our products exclusively via a professional network. Some of our customers sell products online. Please send a request to info.it@schlegel.com to obtain more information about a possible supplier in your area.

Do you provide spare parts to private users ?

No, please contact your supplier.

Do you provide hardware for any kind of window and door application?

Giesse hardware is mainly applied in aluminium doors and windows. If you would like to know if your system is compatible with Giesse hardware, please check this link or contact us via infotechgiesse@schlegel.com. Via our sister companies ERA and AmesburyTruth we also offer hardware solutions to timber and PVCu doors and windows.

Do you provide seals for any kind of window and door application?

Schlegel seals are available for  aluminium, PVCu and timber applications. They can not only be used in windows or doors, but also in furniture, shutters, screens, blinds and other industrial applications. Please see this link and use the product filter to make a selection from our range, or contact us via techsupport@schlegel.com.

Do you provide application checks on different doors and window systems?

For hardware, please contact infotechgiesse@schlegel.com.

For seals, please contact techsupport@schlegel.com.

Are your products certified?

For hardware systems, please see www.giesse.it/en/certifications.

For sealing systems, please see www.schlegel.com/eu/en/about/Accreditations.

For a copy of a certificate please contact your Sales Manager.

What kind of warranty do you give?

We provide a warranty against defects for a period up to 10 years, subject to the product, application, climatic conditions and use.

Please contact your Sales Manager for a customised warranty cover.